„WE“ is first personal plural pronoun which in Croatian language denotes more persons who are in certain co-relation.  
Therefore, we from Mas Dizajn have, for the last 15 years, been… WE.

Quick, and strident when necessary, amiable sometimes, with sophisticated tastes, productive, likable and much more. It’s better to ask someone else, as we would have found a lot more qualities to emphasize. Yet, for all the above-mentioned, there are witnesses


Basic information:

MAS DIZAJN Ltd. for design an photography
Adress: Zagreb, Medveščak 12
Zagreb Commercial Court MBS 080266176
OIB: 53981935265
Fixed Equity: 20.000,00 kuna
Board Member: M. Ćurčić Baldini

Raiffeisenbank Austria Inc., Zagreb
IBAN: HR2224840081101635064
Account NO: 2484008-1101635064